Searching for the Happys in Life!

One day, long ago, I saw the preview for the movie Eat, Love, and Pray. In it Julia Roberts' character says something like "I used to have an appetite for my life, and its just gone" When I heard that I was like whoa that is exactly how I feel! I somewhere, somehow, lost that feeling, and I want it back! In my quest for finding my appetite, you know those things that make life special, I have met the man of my dreams, started a little photography/up-cycling business on the side, and I somehow become a foodie, I am obsessed with making "real" food. ( Don't get me wrong we cheat a and wings, yum!) I know other people must feel like they have lost that appetite for life also. I want to use this blog to highlight all the things I love, my family, my photography, and "real" food! I hope this inspires other people to also find their appetite for life!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

"One Day my Life will be a Chocolate Shake and Late Night TV."

"One Day my Life will be a Chocolate Shake and Late Night TV."have been my favorite song lyrics since I was in college. The lyrics are from the song When I Fail by American Lesion, (Greg Graffin from Bad Religion, solo Project, check him out if you never have he is amazing!). I have always thought of those lyrics as pure happiness, and I often quote them when I am feeling sad. Several years ago after my first marriage ended I was talking to a friend about those lyrics.They made me realize that all this time I had been kind of relying on other people to get me the chocolate shake and late night TV, when the whole time I had it myself! I had to find that happiness within me, and not look to other people to supply it for me. I had to find and enjoy that chocolate shake and late night TV on my own before I could ever expect to share it with anyone else. I have often shared this enlightenment with other people....mostly they look at me like I am crazy, asking "What do chocolate shakes and TV have to do with anything?" and walking away more confused...hehe...but to me it makes total sense.
Since I had this enlightenment I have not always lived by it but that's the point of this journey, dust yourself off and get back up again.
One of the things that makes me most happy is Music. I want to hear it, I want play it, I want to be surrounded by it all the time. I like to have a soundtrack to life! Music can make you happy, can comfort you when you are sad, or motivate you! I live through song lyrics, it may be impractical but it makes me happy :) If you read this tell me what your favorite song lyrics or songs are, and why! I have a HUGE list I could share, but I want to hear what other people have to say.